Benefits of Traditional Thai Massage

“Nuat Thai” is said to have been founded over 2500 years ago, and has a long history of health benefits. It is one of the four branches of Traditional Thai medicine. In addition to being an effective form of stress relief and relaxation, Traditional Thai massage can relieve headaches, muscle and joint pain, improve circulation and improve well-being.

Thai massage involves deep massage and stretching and it happens on the floor on a firm mattress or a mat. It is a therapeutic procedure that provides relaxation and restores healthy blood circulation. It also treats energy blockages, weak, dysfunctional organs, aches and pains, stress and tension, flexibility, paralysis, nerve problems and postural alignments.

Thai massage differs from traditional massage by its use of body’s energy line system, known as Sen lines. There is a basic theory that there are seventy-two thousand Sen lines that are also called energy lines that line the frame of the physical body. The sen lines corresponds with the Chinese acupuncture medications and the ancient medicine practice from Indian Ayurvedic.

A session typically last around one to two hours or maybe more and the massage works to stretch the entire body. The massage may also include the gentle pulling of toes, fingers and ears.

Thai Massage is suitable for everyone as the sessions are customised for each individual with their body type and age.

Our practitioners have been trained by the Traditional School of Thai Medicine in Thailand.